a like PYRUS bakugan

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a like PYRUS bakugan

Post  DanxDrago on 1st December 2008, 1:11 pm

can i join your team i like pyrus baugan i think they are cool so can i plz join Pyrus Soldier Apollo Pyrus Serpenoid Pyrus Falconeer Pyrus Saurus Pyrus Griffon a Pyrus Robotallian Pyrus Mantris Pyrus Stinglash Pyrus Gargonoid Pyrus Siege Pyrus Fear Ripper Pyrus Warius Pyrus Manion Pyrus Fortress Pyrus Ravenoid Pyrus Delta Drago SubTerra El Condor Pyrus Tuskor Aquos Preyas Diablo Pyrus Ultimate Drago Pyrus Infinity Drago Pyrus Dragonoid Pyrus Symbol i do not have all those bakugan but they are pyrus bakugan they look cool.

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