RunosBrother19 vs Magedrago1

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RunosBrother19 vs Magedrago1

Post  Runo on 21st December 2008, 9:12 am

Feild Open! Gate Card Set! You First!


Bakugan- 5 Haos, 4 Aqous, 4 Pyrus, 3 Darkus, 3 Sub Terra, 3 Ventus

Cards- 32 Gates, 24 Abilitys, 16 Special Abilitys, 2 Fusion Abilitys


Haos Balinese Tigrerra- 0
Haos Hydranoid- 0
Pyrus Tig- 0
Aqous Tig- 0
Darkus Drago-0

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Re: RunosBrother19 vs Magedrago1

Post  magedrago1 on 21st December 2008, 9:41 am

field open gatecard set2xDraganoid Character: all draganoids get plus 10o gs


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