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Post  Dragonoid7 on 21st January 2009, 1:02 pm

Personaliity-Joyful and funny
Likes-Pyrus Bakugan and Pyrus Brawlers
Dislikes-Bakugan Flamers and Pyrus haters


Pyrus Dragonoid 510G

Pyrus Hammer Gorum 670G

Pyrus Ravenoid 520G

Gate Cards:

Dragonoid Character Card

Super Pyrus

Triple battle

Ability Cards:

Boosted Dragon

Rapid Fire

Fire Tornado

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Re: Dragonoid7

Post  Jhound27 on 21st January 2009, 5:42 pm

sorry dude no dice.

You need at least

15 ability
15 special ability
15 gate
1 fusion

And your bakugan only 1 can be 400 G's and the others can be lower.

P.S. to get the cards go here


To find approved bakugan go here


Evo point count

V. Preyas-0
Delta Drago-0
Storm Skyress-0
A. Preyas-0
Ventus Angelo/Diablo-0

My Profile- My Profile

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Re: Dragonoid7

Post  DanxDrago on 21st January 2009, 5:44 pm

why high APPROVE i am kidding lol!

I should warn you for that.

- M_D


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Re: Dragonoid7

Post  Hal-G on 21st January 2009, 6:59 pm

David you're a loser, AND

I'm Hal-G, I would like to tell you know that this is an RP site and all bakugan and cards must be from the show. And no Evolution bakugan right away or Naga*Wayvern.
THESE ARE THE RULES: http://bakuganrocks.forumakers.com/bakugan-info-f3/website-bakugan-rules-t16.htm

These are the Bakugan: http://bakuganrocks.forumakers.com/bakugan-info-f3/bakugan-approval-list-t4.htm

AND THSE ARE THEY CARDS: http://bakuganrocks.forumakers.com/bakugan-info-f3/bakugan-card-list-t5.htm

I should also let you know only Moderators are aloud to approve your profile, if you look at the Home Page and down to RP Profiles you will see a Thing called Moderators those are the selected people by M_D that are aloud to approve.

We will tell you what to change, it might take a while but hopefully you wil get your profile approved and moved to Approved Profiles.

I'm to lazy to get you a template but in future time I will get to it.

Name - Hal-G
Bakugan - 8 Aquos, 8 Darkus, 5 Ventus, 4 SubTerra, 3 Haos, 5 Pyrus

Cards - 24 Gates, 20 Abilities, 13 Special Abilities, 1 Fusion Ability

Profile - http://bakuganrocks.forumakers.com/approved-rp-character-profiles-f18/hal-g-s-profile-t848.htm

People Defeated: Runo, Shadow, MDM, SM, Jhound.

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Re: Dragonoid7

Post  Runo on 28th February 2009, 6:47 pm

Hal-G wrote:David you're a loser

Geeze Hal-G, you got to be so mean? He tried.


Bakugan- 5 Haos, 4 Aqous, 4 Pyrus, 3 Darkus, 3 Sub Terra, 3 Ventus

Cards- 32 Gates, 24 Abilitys, 16 Special Abilitys, 2 Fusion Abilitys

Profile- http://bakuganrocks.forumakers.com/approved-rp-character-profiles-f18/runosbrother19-t1045.htm

Haos Balinese Tigrerra- 0
Haos Hydranoid- 0
Pyrus Tig- 0
Aqous Tig- 0
Darkus Drago-0

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RE:dragonoid 7

Post  sword-slash on 9th March 2009, 9:57 am

i guess RB is right.by the way could you check my profile

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Re: Dragonoid7

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