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Bakugan is a game of strategy and anticipation. The game requires the following for each player:

3 Bakugan
3 Bakugan Cards
Bakugan Launcher (optional)

If you'd rather brawl with more Bakugan and cards, you are allowed, but the opposing player(s) must hold the same amount of each as you. You cannot have any less than 3 Bakugan and cards.

2-4 people can wage battle with Bakugan.

The youngest player always goes first.

Each Bakugan Card has two sides:

Sector: Back of card
Holo Sector Front of card

There are 4 different types of Bakugan cards:

Normal: Basic cards which have advantages and disadvantages for certain elements.
Command: Cards with G Power Boosts, but have a unique command on the card that must be followed.
Character: Cards with G Power Boosts, and always doubles the Bakugan who's character matches that of who's on the card.
Special Ability: Unique cards with no G-Power Boosts. There is a command on the card that must be followed though. Since Special Ability cards don't belong on the field, and can be played during a Bakugan Brawl, they are limited to only 1 per deck, and can't be the first card played.

The game starts when each player plays a card (sector side face-up) on their opponent's side of the field. You then measure two cards distance from your card diagonally. Put the cards back, and this will be your Shot Spot, where you will throw or launch your Bakugan. Bakugan are shot onto the sector card, if it stands, you can play another sector card down, if it misses, you take it back and skip your turn. When two Bakugan from opposing sides stands on the same sector card, it triggers the Brawl. Flip the sector card to holo sector side face-up. Use the element on your Bakugan as the receiver for your G-Power Boosts on the card, the player with the highest points wins the opponent's Bakugan, your own Bakugan, and the Bakugan card it Brawled on.

For Example:

On the card is a Pyrus Mantris (360 Gs) and a Darkus Fear Ripper (450 Gs). The card's G-Power Boosts read this:

PYRUS = 20
AQUOS = 150
HAOS = - 50
DARKUS = -20
SUB TERRA = -100
VENTUS = -150

Add or decrease the G-Power Boost on your element of Bakugan's total G power.

PYRUS SAURUS: 350 Gs + 20 Gs = 370 Gs
DARKUS FEAR RIPPER: 450 Gs - 20 Gs = 430 Gs.


If both Bakugan on the card were fired by the same player, he automatically wins the card, and retrieves his Bakugan.

If the opponent launches a Bakugan which knocks off the opposing Bakugan, he automatically wins both Bakugan and the card.

If there is a tie in G-Power Boost points, such as the same person playing the same Bakugan and element as the opposing player, Sudden Fury begins, which means take back the Bakugan and fire another one, or the same one at the card again. First to stand on the card wins it. If both miss, Sudden Fury starts over.

To win the game, look at the cards you've won and add their holo sector points together.

For example

Supernova = 400
Reaper = 250
Death Land = 150

400 + 250 + 150 = 800 HSP.

You also get a bonus of 100 extra Holo Sector Points for every Bakugan you've won, or for any left in your arsenal.

TWO BAKUGAN WON = 200 more Holo Sector Points.
ONE BAKUGAN LEFT = 100 more Holo Sector Points.
Combine the HSP of both procedures and find out your total HSP amount.

800 + 300 = 1100.

Player with the highest amount of Holo Sector points is the winner.

Banisher -

Bakugan - 10 Darkus, 1 Haos, 3 Pyrus, 3 Aquos, 3 SubTerra, 3 Ventus, 1 Attribute-less

Cards - 22 Gates, 21 Abilities, 26 Special Abilities, 1 Fusion Ability, 1 Doom Card

For details, click here:
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