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This is a VERY important topic, essential for your Bakugan Brawl Roleplaying.

The two players will call out "Field Open" as an indication for beginning a brawl.
You will then set one Gate Card and shoot in a bakugan in your Profile. You can only have 3 bakugan in a brawl out of your Profile, so choose carefully.
The opponent then does the same.
You have two options where to shoot in your bakugan: On your card, or your opponent's card.
If you shoot it onto your card with no one else on it, it stays there until another of your opponent's bakugan lands on that card to open it. If you land on your card WITH someone else on it, it will activate.
You will then call out "Gate card open" Then select 1 Gate card out of your Profile and type out its name and effect in the battle. For example, you chose a Power Boost card with +100 for Haos, you would increase all Haos bakugan on the card by 100 Gs and add it to their current power level. If both bakugan are Haos, they're both affected, if just one is Haos, only that one is affected, if none are Haos, none will be affected, and you would ignore the card.
Players whose Gate card you land on will give them an advantage, because they've played one extra card than you're allowed to at that moment: the Gate card.
o help out your bakugan, you can use Ability cards, Special Ability cards, and Fusion Ability cards. You may only use 1 of each card type during the round.
If you would use an Ability card you will call out "Ability card activate" and choose an Ability card in your Profile that would be helpful. Then, you would type in its name and a brief description of what the card does. Your opponent may counter with their own Ability card, so you would call out "Special Ability activate" and select a useful Special Ability card from your Profile. Type out its name and power, and apply it to your bakugan. Your opponent will do the same, so call out "Fusion Ability activate" and select a Fusion Ability from your Profile, then type out the name and effect and apply it. It's that simple.
Eventually, someone will win. So they defeat the bakugan and it cannot be used again without a special type of card activated. During the beginning of each of your bakugan brawling moves, you can set another Gate card and then shoot your bakugan onto it, or a different card.
Repeat this cycle and keep going until one player has lost all three of his/her bakugan, and the game will end.

Banisher -

Bakugan - 10 Darkus, 1 Haos, 3 Pyrus, 3 Aquos, 3 SubTerra, 3 Ventus, 1 Attribute-less

Cards - 22 Gates, 21 Abilities, 26 Special Abilities, 1 Fusion Ability, 1 Doom Card

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