Darkus Doom's Dare (TDI Competition)

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Darkus Doom's Dare (TDI Competition)

Post  Masquerade_Darkon on 2nd March 2009, 4:08 pm

For the TDI competition, I was dared to type this up.

My weaknesses are mainly AMV designing, Narutard talk, and those who try to steal/devastate all my hard work.*cough*yugi58*cough*

An insult I have is that my vocabulary can be too profound at times, and I feel half the people I talk to have no idea what I'm saying. Rolling Eyes

Banisher -

Bakugan - 10 Darkus, 1 Haos, 3 Pyrus, 3 Aquos, 3 SubTerra, 3 Ventus, 1 Attribute-less

Cards - 22 Gates, 21 Abilities, 26 Special Abilities, 1 Fusion Ability, 1 Doom Card

For details, click here: http://bakuganrocks.forumakers.com/rp-character-profiles-f9/masquerade_darkon-s-character-profile-t10.htm
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