Dew Drop

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Dew Drop

Post  Hal-G on 26th March 2009, 6:30 pm

Dew Drop

Requirements: A Haos or Aquos Bakugan alone in your arsenal.

Effect: Destroy that one bakugan in your arsenal and inflict every opponet bakugan with half of the original Gs of the destroyed bakugan.

Name - Hal-G
Bakugan - 8 Aquos, 8 Darkus, 5 Ventus, 4 SubTerra, 3 Haos, 5 Pyrus

Cards - 24 Gates, 20 Abilities, 13 Special Abilities, 1 Fusion Ability

Profile -

People Defeated: Runo, Shadow, MDM, SM, Jhound.

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