Unknown vs Baku-fan

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Unknown vs Baku-fan

Post  Unknown on 3rd August 2008, 9:14 pm

( This is for when you wana brawl me)
Field Open!

Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Ventus Storm Skyress(420 G's)stand on my card!

Unknown - ?

Bakugan - 10 Ventus, 2 Aquos, 3 Darkus, 3 SubTerra, 0 Haos, 1 Pyrus

Cards - 25 Gates, 26 Abilities, 19 Special Abilities, 2 Fusion Abilities

Profile - http://bakuganrocks.forumakers.com/approved-rp-character-profiles-f18/unknown-s-profile-t81.htm

(Other Bakugan evolved)
Blade Tigerra-3
Preyas- 5 evolved if I can get it :S

(First one to Beat M_D!)
(You did win the brawl, congrats. Wink - M_D)

Number 1 Brawler on the site.

Win-lose Ratio

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