NEW BAKUGAN-gust ravenoid

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NEW BAKUGAN-gust ravenoid

Post  skyress_frosch#1 on 24th May 2009, 4:56 am

name-gust ravenoid
G power- always 550g's
2nd evolution of ravenoid
only $150.00
plus ability card blow away- which boosts ventus up by by 200g's

gate card-wind enforcer-wind enforcer boosts ventus up by 250g's all the other attributes get-50g's

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Re: NEW BAKUGAN-gust ravenoid

Post  super-saiyan-night-shadow on 24th May 2009, 8:57 am

sigh..these things do not go here,they go in the you do not decide the prices ,Masquerade_Darkon some of those cards are way tooo OP[O=over P=powered]

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