I forgot Abilities!

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I forgot Abilities!

Post  AquosOverlordDyl on 24th July 2009, 7:27 am

Ability 1: Nelos (Red Ability)
Play before you roll a Nelos or Nova Nelos.
If it is not Pyrus: During every battle with Nelos, He gains the Pyrus Gate Card bonus.
If it is Pyrus: He gains double his G-Power Bonus from the Gate Card.
Ability 2: Black Lava (Gray Ability)
Increases Pyrus Bakugan by 180Gs, Darkus by 140Gs, and Aquos by 60Gs
Ability 3: Pyrus 3 (Green Ability)
Play during a battle with a Pyrus Bakugan. If you win the battle, the opposing Bakugan loses 200Gs for the remainder of the game.


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Post  Pyrus Master on 24th July 2009, 12:05 pm

hi, i know my name is pyrus master but i like aquos to so yeah figure that one out Slap . anyway not to get personal but how long have you been on bakugan rocks? BYE

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