New Bakugan - Future Froker

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New Bakugan - Future Froker

Post  AquosOverlordDyl on 6th August 2009, 7:18 am

Future Froker is a SubTerra Symbol 600G Bakgan.

His Bakugan Trap is Future Firon. He has 450Gs. He turns into a Spiky Ball like Baliton. Abilities don't effect him.

Ability 1- Sub-Terra Hex Trap
Play during a battle with your Sub-Terra Bakugan. If the opposing Bakugan loses, it gets removed from the game(If they use a Bakugan Trap and lose, it gets removed to). During your next turn, this card returns to your unused pile.

Ability 2- Mega Metal
Play during a battle with your Future Froker. He gains 100Gs, and the opposing Bakugan loses 100Gs. If you end up losing this battle, instead of the Gate Card going to your opponents Used Pile, it returns to its owners Unused Pile.

Ability 3- Future Firon
Play when you add a Future Firon to battle with a Bakugan Trap. Send it to your opponents Used Pile.

No All this is NOT cheap! No


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Re: New Bakugan - Future Froker

Post  Masquerade_Darkon on 9th August 2009, 4:55 pm

Future Froker's power level is cheap, I'm afraid.

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