Fabia's (My) Pyrus Team

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Fabia's (My) Pyrus Team

Post  Fabia on 16th September 2010, 12:53 pm

Hi there! it's Fabia, with my Pyrus Bakugan

Pyrus Serpenoid Serpenoid with 750 gs
Pyrus Falconeer Falconeer with 800 gs
Pyrus Saurus Saurus with 650 gs
Pyrus Mantris Mantris with 650 gs
Pyrus Siege Siege with 250 gs (In Doom Dimension, First Guardian Bakugan)
Pyrus Tuskor Tuskor with 900 gs (In Doom Dimension)
Haos Tentaclear (Pyrus) Tentaclear with 850 gs


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