Pyrus Bakugan Info

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Pyrus Bakugan Info

Post  Fabia on 9th October 2010, 3:19 pm

Pyrus Symbol Pyrus Bakugans
Pyrus Dragonoid
Name: Dragonoid
G-Power: 340
Pyrus Delta Drago
Name: Delta Dragonoid
G-Power: 450
Pyrus Ultimate Drago
Name: Ultimate Dragonoid
G-Power: 550
Pyrus Infinity Drago
Name: Infinity Dragonoid
G-Power: 1000
Pyrus Soldier Apollo
Name: Apollonir
G-Power: 500
Pyrus Serpenoid
Name: Serpenoid
G-Power: 320
Pyrus Falconeer
Name: Falconeer
G-Power: 340
Pyrus Saurus
Name: Saurus
G-Power: 350
Pyrus Griffon
Name: Griffon
G-Power: 350
Pyrus Terrorclaw
G-Power: 310
Pyrus Robotallian
Name: Robotallion
G-Power: 300
Pyrus Mantris
Name: Mantris
G-Power: 340
Pyrus Stinglash
Name: Stinglash
G-Power: 330
Pyrus Gargonoid
Name: Gargonoid
G-Power: 350
Pyrus Fear Ripper
Name: Fear Ripper
G-Power: 380
Pyrus Siege
Name: Siege
G-Power: 360
Pyrus Warius
Name: Warius
G-Power: 350
Pyrus Manion
Name: Manion
G-Power: 350
Pyrus Ravenoid
Name: Ravenoid
G-Power: 380
Pyrus Tuskor
Name: Tuskor
G-Power: 380


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