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Post  Guest on 17th September 2008, 3:43 pm

Sup I'm darkus masta
likes- the word awesome, cheese its, and iCarly
dislikes- school, brian peppers, rancid
Darkus- Fear Ripper 400 Laserman270 hydranoid 390 cycloid- 340 fortress 390
Haos- Centpoid 250 tigrerra 370 drago 380
aquos preyas 360 gorem 260 serpanoid 300 juggernoid 330 siege 390
pyrus-drago 360 tentaclear 250 falconeer 250
ventus skyress 390 ravenoid 380 falconeer380
subterra- laserman 250 bee striker 260 el condor 390

Gate Cards

Mind Ghost- Destroy all bakugan on this card.
Triple Battle- shoot in another bakugan and compare g power with the other.
(*2)Energy Merge- Transfer 100g from your opponents bakugan to yours.
(*2)Quartet Battle- Each player puts in another bakugan for a 2 on 2 if they can.
Scapegoat- Decide wether the battle between two bakugan will continue or stop
(*2)Transform- Increase your bakugans power level to the highest in your arsenal.
Siege Character Card- Any siege that lands on this card gets double g power.
Falconeer Character Card- Any falconeer that lands on this card gets double g power.
Robotallian Character Card- Any robotallian that lands on this card gets double g power.
Fear Ripper Character Card- Any Fear Ripper that lands on this card gets double g power.
Cycloid character card- Any cycloid that lands on this card gets double g power.
(*3)Bio Hazard- Undo your opponents previous move.
Reversal-The bakugan with the lowest G power wins.
Duck and Win-The bakugan with the lowest G power wins.
Blinding Gate-The bakugan with the lowest G power wins.

Ability Cards
(*2)Abyss Ruler: Increase your Aquos bakugan's power level by 100 Gs
(*2)Depth Tornado: Increase your Aquos bakugan's power level by 100 Gs.
(*2)Spice Slayer: Transfer 100 Gs from your opponent's bakugan to your Darkus attributed bakugan
Shadowscratch- Nullify your opponents gate card
Desert Thunder: Increase your SubTerra bakugan by 100 Gs
(*2)Solar Ray: Increase your Haos bakugan by 100 Gs.
Slash 0- Increase your fear rippers power level by 80.
Summon wave- USe in a battle lost to give a aquos a 140 G boost.
Ventus-When using a ventus bakugan you can swap the gate cards.
Bright Light- Boost a haos bakugan by 80 Gs
Copy Cat- When a bakugan is played it can copy the ability of a card used by the opponent.
Siege Switch-When played you change change the attribute of any siege.
Marucho's throw- When you roll a bakugan and it lands you can put it on any gate card.

Special Ability

Tsunami: If you have three Aquos bakugan on the battlefield with one of them being an Aquos Siege, wipe out all the bakugan on the field other than that Siege.
Revive: Return all of your lost bakugan to your arsenal.
Dive Mirage: Use your Aquos bakugan to move over to an adjacent Gate Card, that Gate Card is then nullified.
Aquos Javelin: Allows your Aquos Siege to interchange two adjacent Gate Cards
Haos and Darkus Co-Relation: If you are a Haos bakugan against a Darkus bakugan, increase the Haos' power level by 100 Gs
Ventus and Pyrus Co-Relation: If you are a Ventus bakugan against a Pyrus bakugan, increase your Ventus' power level by 100 Gs
Doom Companion: Destroy all bakugan on the Gate Card you've activated this card for.
Dragoon: Increase your El Condor bakugan by the same number of Gs your opponent's bakugan has total
Winds of Fury: If you have three Ventus bakugan on the field with one being a Ventus Skyress, wipe out all of your opponent's bakugan on the battlefield.
Polygraph Divide: Replicate and increase your Aquos bakugan's power level by the same amount of Gs as your opponent's bakugan.
(*2)Aquos and Ventus Co-Relation: If you are an Aquos bakugan against a Ventus bakugan, increase your Aquos' power level by 100 Gs.
Back Draft: If you have a Ventus bakugan on the battlefield, send yours or your opponent's bakugan on the Gate Card back to its owner
(*2)Reverse Blow: Return your bakugan back to your arsenal during mid-battle.
SubTerra and Haos Co-Relation: If you are a SubTerra bakugan against a Haos bakugan, increase your SubTerra's power level by 100 Gs
(*2)Triple Node: If you possess a Haos, Aquos, and Pyrus; or a Ventus, Darkus, and Subterra bakugan on the battlefield, increase each of the three bakugan's power levels by 200 Gs
Tornado Pandemonium: Increase your Ventus bakugan by 100 Gs

Fusion Ability
(*2)Distraction Buster-Negates your opponent's Ability card


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Re: Darkus masta's profile

Post  DarkPrinceOfAwesome on 17th September 2008, 4:09 pm

Once again, we play by the show, not the real game. You need to remove any cards that aren't on this list.

http://bakuganrocks.forumakers.com/bakugan-info-f3/bakugan-card-list-t5.htm (yes, click it)

That is the list of cards you can use. You can only have 1 Revive card and you may only have 2 Distraction Busters.

The Max card limit is 70. No more.

Joey Kuso -

Bakugan - 1 Darkus, 0 Ventus, 0 Pyrus, 3 Aquos, 0 SubTerra, 8 Haos

Cards - 22 Gates, 22 Abilities, 20 Special Abilities, 1 Fusion Ability, 1 Doom Card

Profile - http://bakuganrocks.forumakers.com/approved-rp-character-profiles-f18/dpoa-s-2nd-profile-t150.htm

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