Example Topic; THE CARD TO END THEM ALL! / by-Masquerad

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Example Topic; THE CARD TO END THEM ALL! / by-Masquerad

Post  Masquerade_Darkon on 22nd June 2008, 3:47 pm

This is someone else's fanfiction from vestroia.com made by a member named "Masquerad". ALL credit AT ALL about the story goes directly to him.

CHAP. 1: one day after vestroia was saved there was a small tear in the dimensions. when an evil bakugan named sigary came through the portal he put down a card that turns what ever dimension it is in to a place were bakugan can take form as the beasts they are instead of balls. the place looks the same but bakugan can roam free and brought great destruction to the world. it was up to the brawlers to save the world now. (they are now 18 to 20). to be continued......

CHAP. 2: the brawlers all met on the site. they didn't know what to do. there bakugan were some were in the world and they couldn't find them. morucho went on his satellite any found were tegrara was and were skyress was. the brawlers with there new addition (joe) went to find skyress first. she was in paris on top of the iteful tower.when the flow by the tower all the brawlers were making a plan. dan said "Wheres Shun!" at the time he had opened the jet door, jumped out of the door and was plunging toward skyress. skyress first sent a huge gust of wind towards shun but then realized it was him. .shun went spining of course and started heading faster toward the ground. she quickly raced toward him but he was very close to hitting the ground would she make it in time.......... To Be Continued.........

CHAP. 3: skyress was diving very fas but she caught him in the nick of time. she droped him off in the plane and followed to find tegrrara. on the way skeyress told them that sigary was bent on concoring earth for vestroia. he made a card tha alowed them to keep all bakugans form in earth. this card was powered by the negitive core.they only way to turn bakugan is........... skkyress was inturuptet when something from the ground jumped up and pulled skyrees along with the plane to the ground. it was tegrarra. runo ran up to tegrara and jumped on her. as soon as she did runo was vishesly thrown of and hit a tree. she was nocked out. for hours skyress was keepping tegrara busy along with shun and runo was nocked out....................To Be continued......

CHAP. 4: after a while runo woke up and rised to her feet. runo made another try to get tegrara back. this time she when tegrara saw her she snapped right out of it. so skyress told them all the only way to get a bakugan back from being evil was............ the site of a loved one up close. they got back in the plane and tegrara went in the back got the plane. they were of to get preyes now. he was in the Atlantic ocean. they told skyress to fly down and snatch preyes before he seen them. so skyress flow down with murocho. before preyess could do any thing murocho jumped on preyes. now they have skyress, tegrara and preyes. they were off to hawwie to get goram when sigary came out of the clouds and said. " I see naga was right about you coming to foil my plan. skyress said. "naga is still alive........"sigary said."yes and he and drago are in a battle right now." right when skyress went to attack him he vanished into thin air............ To Be Continued.........

CHAP. 5: after sigary left skyress continued to tell what turns bakugan good is the site of a familiar face in danger. thats how tegrara and me turned normal again. said skyress. so they finally found preyas and as soon as they got there murocho jumped out at him and preyas caught him. skyress was actually right. so they were off tho russia to get Europe to get gorem..........

to be continued........

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