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Post  Dan on 3rd November 2008, 2:32 pm

Hi im Dan but my real name is Andrew
Physical features:brown hair,brown eyes,white skin,5'6,skinny.
Personality:Im a it crazy but fun, i talk too much and i love to brawl you will never get a no,im smart but very lazy,and im addicted to my computer and video games.
Likes:Hanging with friends,bakugan(obviously),junk food,and computers
Dislikes:Braggers,noobs who dont even know how to play when they sign on

Bakugan all pyrus


Fear Ripper(370gs)

Ability cards:

Boosted Dragon:give dragonoid 100gs
Slash-Zero:gives Fear Ripper 80gs
Poison Fang:Transfer 50 Gs from your opponent's bakugan to your own bakugan. Each time that opponent's bakugan brawls, reduce it by 50 Gs for each battle
Wing Burst:Gives Griffon 200gs
Robotallian Enforcement:Moves a bakugan or robotallian to another gate card
Ability Counter:Cancels ability card

Gate cards:

(All bakugan's character cards)
Peacemaker:Both bakugan go back to the owners
Triple-battle:self explanatory
Quartet battle:self explanatory
Energy Merge:opponent loses 100gs and i gain 100gs
Trade-off:bakugan with gs over 400 automatically loses
Rapid Fire: If you have a Pyrus bakugan in the battle, shoot in another bakugan and combine power levels.

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Re: Dans profile

Post  Yusei Fudo on 4th November 2008, 6:29 pm

Welcome to the forums.
Yusei Fudo

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Re: Dans profile

Post  subterra master on 6th November 2008, 2:26 pm

heheehhehehe yes welcome to the forms
subterra master

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Re: Dans profile

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