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Post  Skyress 8th February 2010, 10:02 am

Name:Garry Kazami
Apperance:Always wears Black and Green clothes and has purple hair.
Description:Ventus Bakugan Lover,Ventus Bakugan Master, and will win any lost Ventus Bakugan from the Doom Dimension no matter what.
Personality:Serious in bakugan brawls,VERY showoffish, and has a lot of battles with only Ventus Bakugan to gain rank.
Likes:Bakugan Brawling,Brawling with my Brother Shun Kazami,Practicing new strategies for winning in Bakugan Brawls.
Dislikes:My dad asking what bakugan is, and asking how to play it,Sore losers, and people who hate Ventus Bakugan.

{Ventus}:Skyress400gs Oberu390gs Wayvern380gs Monarus360gs ElCondor320gs Serpenoid260gs Siege340gs Lazerman290gs Manion320gs Robotallion310gs Bee Striker300gs

{Pyrus}:Dragonoid390gs Warius350gs Juggernoid360gs Fortress370gs Saurus360gs Griffon340gs Apollo380gs

{Haos}:Tigrerra390gs Tentaclear350gs Lars Lion380gs Griffon360gs

{Aquos}:Preyas390gs Sirenoid350gs Frosche380gs Siege360gs Limulus320gs Stinglash340gs

{Darkus}:Hydranoid390gs Reaper370gs Fear Ripper350gs Lazerman360gs Excedra380gs

{Sub-Terra}:Gorem390gs Terrorclaw360gs Mantris340gs Saurus330gs Wormquake350gs Cycloid370gs Clayf380gs

{Gate Cards}:Double Battle-X2_Super Pyrus_Intercept-X2_Level Down-X3_Trade Off-X2_3rd Judgement_Enery Merge-X2_Mind Ghost-X2 Triple Battle_Reinforcement-X2

{Ability Cards}:Boosted Dragon_Saurus Glow-X2_Fire Judge-X2_Backfire-X3_Twin Machete_Rapid Fire-X2_Rapid Haos-X2_WhirlWind_Green-Nobility Violent Wind_Mega Impact_Depth Tornado-X2_Anthemusa_Blue Stealth_Hot Blast_Gazer Excedra_Storm Breaker-X2

{Special Ability's}:Ventus and Pyrus co-Relation_Dimension 4_Double Dimension_Marrionette_Tornado Pandemonian_Right Gigante_Revive

{Fusion Ability}:Flare Depth

I Just finished my Profile so you can See if it is okay or not. Ventus Skyress

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