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Post  Ren 2nd June 2010, 7:40 pm

Hey, I'm Ren, I named this account after Ren from Gundalian Invaders, and I will use Darkus Symbol because that is what the real Ren uses.
What are the limits for G-Power? I didn't see anything about it under the Bakugan Info forum... I'll just pick about 250 for them except for my partner, which will be 450, until I learn otherwise. If there are limits, then I'd like to change the G's before it's approved, so please give me a chance to do that before it's approved, because I might want them to be higher.

Alright, here we go:

Darkus Symbol Darkus Hydranoid HYDRANOID 450G

Darkus Symbol Darkus Soldier Exedr GRIFFON 250G

Darkus Symbol Darkus Laserman LASERMAN 250G

Darkus Symbol Darkus Reaper REAPER 250G

Darkus Symbol Darkus Fear Ripper FEAR RIPPER 250G

Now for the ability cards:

Final Demolition: Increase your Alpha Hydranoid by 100 Gs. (Eventually, when I get an Alpha hydranoid, I will use this)

Gazer Exedra: Increase your Hydranoid's or Dual Hydranoid's power level by 100 Gs

Shade: Negate all of your opponent's active Ability Cards.

Dual Gazer: Allows your Dual Hydranoid to attack an opponent's bakugan on another Gate Card, along with the battle it is currently in against the opponent's bakugan on its own Gate Card. Also, increase Dual Hydranoid's power level by 50 Gs.

Doom Companion: Destroy all bakugan on the Gate Card you've activated this card for.

Now I'll do Gates:

Final Judgment: Call a bakugan attribute. Drain all power from every bakugan on this Gate Card with the exception of the attribute you called out.

3rd Judgment: Shoot in another Darkus bakugan and combine g power levels.

Character Card: Any bakugan you choose can be used as the character cards' power bonus. If you play a bakugan on this card and the same card opens with its name stated, that bakugan may double its G power level.

Joker's Wild: If there is a Darkus attributed bakugan on this Gate Card, it wins automatically. If there are two Darkus bakugan on this Gate Card, continue the round without Gate Card effects.

Positive Delta: If you are a Ventus, Darkus, or SubTerra bakugan, decrease an Aquos, Pyrus, or Haos bakugan by 200 Gs. If you are a Pyrus, Aquos, or Haos bakugan, decrease a Darkus, Ventus, or SubTerra bakugan by 200 Gs. If you are attacked by one of the bakugan in your combination triangle, YOUR bakugan is decreased by 200 Gs.


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