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Fabia's (My) Subterra Team

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Fabia's (My) Subterra Team Empty Fabia's (My) Subterra Team

Post  Fabia 16th September 2010, 12:52 pm

Here's my Subterra Bakugans
SubTerra Mantris Mantris with 900 gs
SubTerra Terrorclaw Terrorclaw with 800 gs w/Attribute Change Aquos
SubTerrra Centipoid: Centipoid with 200 gs
SubTerra Stinglash: Stinglash with 0 gs (Depends on Gate Card)
SubTerra Rattleoid: Rattleoid with 400 gs
SubTerra Hynoid Hynoid with 500 gs
SubTerra Cycloid Cycloid with 1100 gs (Mechanical Bakugan/In Doom Dimension)


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