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Fabia's (My) Haos Team

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Fabia's (My) Haos Team Empty Fabia's (My) Haos Team

Post  Fabia 16th September 2010, 12:59 pm

Haos Aranaut with 900 gs (Guardian Bakugan)
Haos Lighting Aranaut with 1000 gs (Evolved Guardian Bakugan)
Haos Mantris Mantris with 500 gs (Deceased, Mechanicaliced)
Haos Mantris Mechanicaliced Mantris with 700 gs
Haos Robotallian Robotallion with 50 gs (most Weak Bakugan)
Silent Paladin Haos Paladin (only 1) with 800 gs
Haos El Condor 5th El Condor (Deceased) Unknown Gs (Battle without Gs)


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