My custom 3 & cards

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My custom 3 & cards

Post  Darkus Doom on 19th May 2009, 6:07 pm

G's 390


next evo

Name-Goblin Chieftan
G's 420


Name-Goblin Overlord
G's 550



Gates-Goblin Power
Allows any bakugan with Goblin in its nae to double its G's


Allows Goblin Overlord to join power levels with any bakugan on the field.

Ability-Goblins Wrath
Boosts any "Goblin" To increase its G's by 50 and negate an opponents special ability.

Ability-Suit up
Allows a bakugan with Goblin in its name to take 1/2 the G's from the bakugan its battling and add them to the bakugans G's.

A Goblin Overlord can negate the opponents card chances so they cant use any cards that turn. (UNNEGATEABLE) (REALLY EXPENSIVE)



Goblins Decree
Allows Goblin Chieftan or Overlord to increase themselves by 100 G's for every defeated bakugan.

Goblins Sting
Allows any bakugan with Goblin in its name to negate an opponents card (Special and Fusion included) and that card cannot be used the rest of the brawl.

Goblin Hydra Fusion-Allows A Goblin Overlord and Alpha Hydranoid to come together and merge G powers

Campsite-Allows any goblin creature to be completely unharmed for the current battle.



Allows Goblin Overlord to summon 2 Goblin minions at 200 G's each.

Goblin eternity-
Allows Goblin Chieftan or Overlord to boost there G's by 500. (Only works when Goblins Decree has been played)

ALL PRIVATE!!! Twisted Evil

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Bakugan - 11 Darkus, 0 Haos, 0 Pyrus, 0 SubTerrra, 0 Ventus, 0 Aquos

Cards - 21 Gates, 21 Abilities, 24 Special Abilities, 1 Fusion Ability, 4 Doom Cards

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Hydranoid- needs to defeat Naga
Darkus Doom

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Re: My custom 3 & cards

Post  Dr.Haos on 20th May 2009, 5:35 am

k the Goblins themselves are approved

But the cards need M_D's ok

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Re: My custom 3 & cards

Post  Jhound27 on 21st May 2009, 2:06 pm

Goblin Power-APPROVED

Alliance, Suit Up, Impulse- APPEOVED

Goblins Wrath- DISAPPROVED (Only cause you didnt clarify. Is it for goblin or any with Goblin in its name)

Specials- APPROVED

Goblin Army-Disapproved

Goblin Eternity-Approved

Evo point count

V. Preyas-0
Delta Drago-0
Storm Skyress-0
A. Preyas-0
Ventus Angelo/Diablo-0

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Re: My custom 3 & cards

Post  Masquerade_Darkon on 21st May 2009, 5:56 pm

Goblin Power - Character huh? Fine, with me. Approved.

Alliance - Fine, but it could be expensive. And it must be a bakugan that YOU control.

Goblin's Wrath - Disapproved if it's gonna be "Special Ability" negater.

Suit Up - Are you kidding? Disapproved for obvious reasons.

Impulse - Never gonna happen. A card like that can't even be approved, it's an automatic win.

Goblin's Decree - Sounds fine, Approved.

Goblin's Sting - ... pending...

Goblin Hydra Fusion - Pending.

Campsite - Overpowered, Disapproved.

Goblin Army - That's basically saying you're to get an additional 400 Gs, and besides, aside from Birth of a Phoenix, no "token production" cards. Disapproved.

Goblin Eternity - Not gonna happen when Goblin's Decree is a Special Ability. Disapproved.

Disregard your cousin's opinions or approvals on this one...

Banisher -

Bakugan - 10 Darkus, 1 Haos, 3 Pyrus, 3 Aquos, 3 SubTerra, 3 Ventus, 1 Attribute-less

Cards - 22 Gates, 21 Abilities, 26 Special Abilities, 1 Fusion Ability, 1 Doom Card

For details, click here:
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Re: My custom 3 & cards

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